Advance Formula Ultimate Support for Healthy Kidney
Function is our newly developed product that has been
created to lessen the severity of kidney stones, which
can cause extreme pain and discomfort. This product
has been designed to support and help to dissolve
kidney stones, making the passing more comfortable.

Kidney stones can be very painful, and very common and
in many cases treatable and preventable.  The main func-
tion of the kidneys is to filter blood from chemicals known
as toxins, which is secreted from the urine. The stones are
formed when crystals n the stick together in forms of
chemicals compounds in the urine.

The most common stone is formed from dairy products
which contains calcium, a very common chemical. The
other chemicals are uric acid, oxalate, and cystine, which
causes stones. Infection in the kidney and urine may also
lead to the formation of stones.

KIP ‘s formula  is the supplement,  which helps prevention
of kidney stones and enhances the kidney function.

Advance Formula Ultimate Support for Healthy Kidney Function


Kidney stones details

What are the symptoms?

Diet and Kidney Stones

Understanding Kidney Stones

How are kidney stones diagnosed?

How to prevent kidney stones?

How to decrease the risk of kidney stones?

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