" After going through shock wave procedure and paying huge medical bills, I asked my family doctor what can I do to prevent future formation of kidney stones? he told me to keep away from different kinds of food and drinks and to drink a lot of water. I researched a lot on the net and found this herbal product. I started taking it and now its been over a year and now I am fine. "

By :Jefferey Goldman, Singapore   **

"I have used a lot of Herbal supplements and generic medicines but nothing worked, someone recommended to try KIP as he has used it before and was very satisfied. In two months, I felt better, all my pain and discomfort disappeared. Although I don’t have any kidney stones but I still take it from time to time"

By : Capt: Kamil Hamid, Malaysia   **

" Ok so I haven't been feeling well, my urine lab result came with traces of blood. My Doctor told me that I may have stone in my kidneys, I went to get a second opinion and it was confirmed. I was told by a friend to try Kip and I did, in about two weeks I went to get another lab work done and was told that the blood traces in my urine was much less than before. I continued with Kip and by 5th week I was feeling way better and went for another test which showed that there is now blood in my urine. Thanks to who ever made this product."

By : Neil, USA   **

" Testimonials I have used Kip for a while now, amazing product. My problem was kidney swelling, in about two weeks I felt better and my Doctor was surprised too. My next cat scan showed its original size."

By : Peter Beck, Geneva   **


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