Ultra Formula Vital Support for Kidney Function is our product developed to promote the health of one’s kidneys. This product helps to improve a person’s overall health, with a focus on promoting kidney function.

10 Signs of Kidney Disease

Many people who have chronic kidney disease don't know it, because the early signs can be very subtle. It can take many years to go from chronic kidney disease (CKD) to kidney failure. However, when the kidneys do fail it leads to death. Here are the top signs and symptoms of kidney disease to look for.

Changes in Urination:
Waking up at night to urinate
Urinating more frequently than usual
Urine that is foamy or bubbly
Urinating less often, or in smaller amounts than usual with dark colored urine
Blood in the urine
A feeling or pressure while urinating
Difficulty urinating

Failing kidneys don't remove extra fluid. As a result, the fluid builds up in the body causing swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, face or hands.

When the kidneys are healthy, they make a hormone called erythropoietin that tells the body to make oxygen-carrying red blood cells. As the kidneys fail, they make less erythropoietin. With fewer red blood cells to carry oxygen, the muscles and brain become tired very quickly. This condition is known as anemia.

Feeling Cold:
Anemia can make a person feel cold all the time, even in a warm room.

Dizziness and Trouble Concentrating:
Anemia related to kidney failure means that the brain is not getting enough oxygen.
This can lead to memory problems, trouble with concentration, and dizziness.

Shortness of Breath:
When kidney disease is present, extra fluid in the body can build up in the lungs. In addition, anemia can leave the body oxygen-starved and short of breath.

Leg Pain:
Some people with kidney problems may have pain in the back or side related to the affected kidney. Polycystic kidney disease, which causes large, fluid-filled cysts on the kidneys and sometimes the liver, can cause pain.

When the kidneys fail, the buildup of wastes in the blood can cause severe itching and skin rashes.

Metallic Taste in the Mouth:
A buildup of wastes in the blood (called uremia) can make food taste different and cause bad breath. A person with kidney problems may also notice that a metallic taste in the mouth. They may suddenly stop liking to eat meat, or they may lose weight because they don't feel like eating.

         Nausea and Vomiting

A severe buildup of wastes in the blood (uremia) can cause nausea and vomiting.

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Signs of
Kidney Disease

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