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KIP Vitamin D3

The ONLY vitamin D supplement on the market made from 100%, organic white button mushroom Derived from nutrient-dense mushrooms, KIP 100% Organic Vitamin D is a unique product to the nutritional market.

It is the only supplement derived from the nutrient-dense white button mushroom, instead of fermented yeast. The combination gives Kip’s Vitamin D an additional advantage of offering twice as many health benefits as the competition.

White Buttom Mushrooms may assist the body by:

Fight free radical damage known to cause premature aging and diseases with high levels of antioxidants.6 *

Possess anti-inflammatory properties that assist the body with illnesses ending in “itis,” such as bronchitis, arthritis, sinusitis, tendonitis etc.7 *

Strengthen the immune system.8 *

Maintain healthy cholesterol levels.9*

Demonstrate anti-tumor and anti-cancer activities.10 *

Serving Size: 1 Capsule



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